Spring Dream Screensaver

Spring Dream Screensaver

The Spring Dream Screensaver will bring the magic of spring to your desktop
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Spring. The most beautiful and joyful season for many people.
Some even think that spring contains magic.
The Spring Dream Screensaver will bring the magic of spring to your desktop.

This beautiful screensaver will take you to places you have never seen before.
Places where the magic of spring can be noticed instantly.

You will be able to see waterfalls, gently flowing streams, and many other scenes depicting this gorgeous season.
The images are very realistic.
You can almost feel the warmth of the sun as well as the cool breeze of spring.

Listen to the birds singing and chirping; listen to the gentle stream flowing gracefully along the way.
But you will not be alone on this journey.
You will be accompanied by a lot of cute characters all the time.

What are those? Fairies? Maybe they are!
This combination of realistic landscapes and cartoon characters make this unique screensaver different from everything you have seen before.

The Spring Dream Screensaver will surely help you to relax and unwind from the daily troubles.
You will be watching the beautiful views while your mind stays at ease with the surroundings.
This screensaver will soon become one of your favorites.

Fernando Soni
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